Function Venues Prahran

The Prahran area of Melbourne is very cosmopolitan. This suburb is filled with shops, restaurants and fashionable residents. It has a small business feel that is also a bit higher on the price scale. This means Prahran gives each building and each venue its own unique style and atmosphere. With niche book and music stores this area is also filled with culture that spills over into the various event spaces. From the expensive but boutique style venues to the influence of culture and the current trends, this area is known for having some of the most exotic event options in the city.

An area this fashionable is surely going to have some of chicest event venues and Prahran does not disappoint. The trends and culture collide making each space extremely unique. This means that the flexible space will fit whatever event you may need it for. There are hotels that are more glamorous and upscale than you might expect without ever losing that cosy atmosphere that Prahran provides. There are rooftop bars for a more open-air occasion that allows guests to enjoy the views as well as modern and sleek looking venues. The themed lounges and the warm lighting create an intimacy at both small and large gatherings.

The venues in Prahran are best suited to either cocktail hour celebrations or non-traditional takes on classic events like a wedding reception. You will be able to find a space that perfectly suits the style of the occasion as well as the number of guests you plan on inviting. There are options in this area for upscale gatherings and anniversary parties but each venue space does come with a price tag. There are often options to rent out the entire venue for a seated dinner with a menu of your choice or the option to have guests stand and enjoy light appetisers.

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