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Different Types of Function Venues

The décor and design of the function rooms, like beverages and food that are served in them, may take numerous forms. A coffee break may be served in themeless, undecorated room while an elaborated reception or meeting has complex and sophisticated decorations and layout to fit the required theme. Aside from the guests at the function centres and catered events should be served quickly, service stations, and layout must be setup to enable maximum staff efficiency.

Experiential and Architectural Event Venues

The architectural spaces often include areas like a warehouse, train station, hangar or a rooftop as some venues for events. These spaces give people the chance to appreciate the space’s feel in a different manner. The experiential venues, on the other hand, provide an attraction that people would want to visit or see no matter there’s an event or not. Some good examples of the areas are zoos, art galleries, botanical gardens, and so on.


Not only they have some of the biggest event space, but also they offer catering services. Bedrooms and AV are all in house, making the management of the event simple. You do not also need to liaise with various suppliers to make a simple event because the hotels come with some plus points including topnotch service that does not come from every hotel yet most four or five star hotels provide great service and there’s nothing better than arriving on the site to an event where everything’s in place just the way you asked.


These provide the perfect setting for a lot of events due to the view they cater. During daytime, you and your guests will enjoy the wonderful views of high skylines and aerial views of the streets. During night time, rooftops transform into a picture perfect view of the lights in the sky. This function venue is perfect for some corporate networking events as well as pop up dinners.

Fine Dining Restaurants

At majority of the ballroom venues and banquet halls, you’re forced to go with their foods. Never be surprised to find great venues where the quality of food is average. If good food is your event’s top priority or you’re after a certain kind of cuisine, a fine dining restaurant is a great choice. Such restaurants are in the business of providing outstanding service and making good food.

Vineyards, Farmhouses, and Villas

Such spaces fall under rustic with some cottage-style themes. Oftentimes, these locations are used as wedding events and venues, which are family oriented and celebratory in nature. If you like to transform a location like a farmhouse into a venue that’s usable, use uncovered chandeliers or direct light. Invest in the long tables so people are brought together and warm atmosphere is made.

Before setting out to pick a venue, whether it’s an unconventional or a conventional location, always think of the benefits it can offer you for you to know which would make your event or party successful. Never be afraid to explore various spaces as what matters is how you may use the décor you have in transforming the space into a venue that you desire.

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